Welcome to ptadapter’s documentation!

Project home page: https://github.com/twisteroidambassador/ptadapter

For how to use ptadapter to build a standalone Pluggable Transcript tunnel, check out the Console Script Guide.

For how to use Pluggable Transports in your Python program, check out the ptadapter Developer Guide.


ptadapter requires Python 3.7 or above. No 3rd-party dependencies.

To actually use a Pluggable Transport, an executable file of the PT appropriate for the operating system is required. These can often be installed from a repository on Linux, or extracted from the Tor Browser Bundle.

Installation (or not)

ptadapter can be installed through pip and PyPI as usual:

$ pip install ptadapter

It can also be used without installing. Just download the source code and put the ptadapter directory in the current directory, or anywhere in your PYTHONPATH.

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